How does this prom outfit sound?

I'm going to junior prom with a cute Chinese girl (I'm Caucasian Italian) and she just told me that she is going to order a light pink dress. I know I have to match her dress in some way so I was wondering if the best thing to do is just get a black suit and vest with a bowtie that matches the pink of the dress. Or does a black suit with a pink vest and bowtie work better? I've never worn formal pink like I have to now, but I'll be fine for that. How bout it, guys/girls? Suit w/ black vest and pink bowtie or suit w/pink vest and pink bowtie? Does a pink vest even work with a black suit?


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  • Personally, I'd do black vest, pink bowtie

    • I agree with this guy. While both will match, I prefer the black for a more classic and sleek look. Just make sure to get the right shade!

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    • Okay, now go out and have a good time. Drive safe, and get lots and lots of kisses!

    • haha will do! Thanks for the help

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  • Black vest light pink bowtie in my opinion

  • Yes most rental stores will give u color options for the vest and bowtie