How do you keep necklaces from getting tangled while traveling?

I've tried separate baggies for each, but that ends up being a huge pile of plastic. Is there any way to reduce the amount of wasted space, and be better for the environment?


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  • Try putting them in plastic pill boxed. Put a bit of tape on the ends and stick it to the side of each compartment. When you open the box , grab the taped end and lift it out. Get a small travel pill box. And try and keep it upright.


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  • Im not entirely sure how to explain this but Ill try lol so I lay the necklace out so it's one big loop, then I twist it and turn it so that it's another loop (kinda like when you tie your hair in a ponytail), keep repeating until its as small or as big as you want. Once you're done with that take a rubber band and loop it around the multiple layers of the necklace (to keep the loops from coming undone) don't know if that all made sense lol so if you didn't get it just ask and Ill try to explain it more clearly!

    • No, that actually made a lot of sense. The only problem is that I think it'd only work for chain-type necklaces. Unfortunately I like large statement jewelry, which wouldn't roll/loop that well. Do you have that problem too? What would you do with those type of necklaces?

    • Ah I dont have any of those types of necklaces 😅😳but Ill try and help you... I guess keep it in a ziploc bag and roll the bad really tightly (as tight as you can go) and then wrap a rubberband around that (if you wrap it tightly then the dangly pieces of the necklace that get tangled won't be able to move around so much and thus won't get as tangled). Its not as convienent but thats all I got sorry D: If the larger pieces of necklace fold (like a necklace with elastic pieces in it) then just fold it and wrap a rubber around it. If its a larger piece with a chain then you can go and wrap the chain like I described above, and hope the large piece of the necklace won't get tangled 😅
      Hope that helped and good luck~

  • There's this jewelry thing (pouch) you put them in.

  • I pin mine to the inside of my suitcase with safety pins. They never tangle that way.