Guys, do you have any style prefrences in a girl?

Do you specifically like a preppy, gothic, layed back, etc . girl? What do you like a girl to wear? How do you like her hair? Shoes? Casual outfit? What wiuld you like a girl to wear on a night out? Please tell some details of what you like a girl to wear. Thank you (:


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  • whatever she wants to wear. as long as you like it im ok with it.

    • Awesome, there is nothing a girl can wear that you would draw the line at?

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    • I see

    • sry if you have piercings or want them its just not my thing. lots of guys like them tho so dont feel like you shouldn't wear them cause of what I said. like Ear piercings are totally fine for me but like if you get a thing going through your nose I just find it creepy while other guys find it really cool. So if you want to get one or have one dont be ashamed and get it!

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  • I don't like Gothic, or dyke-style, or baggy sweatpants and baggy T-shirt (period clothing?).

    I like pretty much anything else that middle school and high school girls typically wear. Jeans always look good, Converse, shirt (dunno the names of girl shirts lol).

  • Hipster chick outfits.

    Just google "hipster chick outfit" and you get the brunt of it.

  • Not really, but one thing I will say is that I avoid overly flamboyant style, to me it just looks like a desperate attempt to demonstrate individuality and compensate for actually being quite dull... look at the ridiculous clothes I'm wearing, I'm showing how I don't care what people think about me even though I'm blatantly attention seeking and striving to be different.

    • So you like when someone dresses casual or layed back or doesn't dress to impress? Or just don't like the effort?

    • No, it's not like that. I appreciate the effort she makes to look nice, like when we go on a date and she's clearly dressed to impress. It's the extreme hipster or gothic looks that I dislike.

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  • Just be yourself. Dress as you wish.

    • No person could effect what i like, but i am just wondering peoples specific preferences, ya know? I understand though

    • Yea, that's understandable, curiosity.