Do you like crossbody bags?

I have never had a crossbody bag. I usually carry a large bag. I was thinking that I could get a smaller crossbody bag for short trips. Maybe out and about it would be easier to handle. Does anybody have any experience with these that would make you recommend or not. I thought about purchasing a couple of these in different colors and/or styles. What do you think?


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  • I like it, and in big cities, you can really crossbody it, which is safer for pickpockets.


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  • i used to carry them all the time, but i suddenly entered this phase where i fell in love with huge bags, so i use those now =]
    the smallest bag i have is one of those leather [fake] ish backpacks. they still look fancy so :)

  • I only wear cross body purses. I prefer ones with a zipper and a strong strap.

    • Thanks! I must get a strong strap. I did not think about the zipper though. That would be important.