What is my cup size?

I have heard that your cup size is the difference in measurement between ur breasts and ur ribcage and each inch difference is a cup bigger.
My ribcage measurement is 28 inch and my breasts measure 36 inch, so im like H CUP? thats impossible!!! Please, someone enlighthen me!!

Thanks for those who helped! case closed!


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  • No we're about the same size. About 85% of women wear the wrong bra size (I actually think more than that, but that's why studies say). Most women over estimate the band size and under estimate the cup size. Because they never take the time out to get measured or measure themselves.
    So we en up stuffing ourselves into bras that don't fit and assume all of them are uncomfortable.
    That's probably your correct size look online at places like bra stop that specialize in small band big cup bras. Also check out a blogs called thin but curvy. Changed my life. I'd been stuffing myself into 32DDs because I thought it fit (and they we're the only ones in target), but after measuring myself my band is a 28 and my bust is a 35 so I'm about an F cup but an EE tends to fit me better.
    And don't add 5 inches to the band. That's a measuring system that was put in place during the 50's to sell women whatever bra size is on the rack to make more money. Just think about if, if your a small and we're looking for a snug top you wouldn't buy and extra large right?
    If you want any tips on how a bra Gould properly fit just comment down bellow and I can give you some.

    • Also never ever ever go to Victoria's Secret. The way they size it dumb. They go over the bust to get your band which makes no sense because you wouldn't measure your but to get the measure of your waist right? Do it yourself. They will try to squeeze you into whatever size they have in sore to make a sale but it's all lie. I was there they put me at a 32EE, the lady even said "your really small we don't have anything in that size so I'll jut give you this"

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    • Just not Victoria's Secret. I still do think doing it yourself is best though

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • Awesome boobs... But I will say consult an expert lady of bra n its measurement... !!!

  • www.barenecessities.com/feature.aspx I think this might help :)

    • I can't be H!!! that's insane!

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    • thanks a lot i will get myself measured again

    • I dont think u need to measure again now that u found a good bra size. Just keep to the 32C cups and u should be good unless they grow more.

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  • If I were you I'd go to Victoria's Secret where they'll measure you and tell you your exact size. And just to say, when your band size gets smaller so does the actual cup. For example a 32DD would be a 34D, a 36C, and a 38B. They would all have the same cup size. Not sure if the way I explained it makes sense.

    • I have never gotten myself measured...

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    • Just get yourself measured. It's a little awkward, but, it'll help

    • alright then, cause my current bra is getting tight so i need to get a new one

  • http://www.calculator.net/bra-size-calculator.html

    This might help, but if you really aren't sure, go to a Victoria's Secret or a nordstrom and get sized. It's better than trying to do it yourself, because I find that measuring myself doesn't really work.

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