Stay home until marriage/serious relationship and save lots of money or move out at 20 and gain experience but no capital?

American culture often has a lower age for moving out than eastern cultures generally and there are obvious advantages to both but what would you prefer?

you move out early (under 25), you learn life management and independence but your bank account is always balancing around a several thousand and it prob won't go up much for a while.

you stay home until a serious relationship or 30 years old, you're less experienvced but youve managed to save 50 k over the years. to move out with.

what do you choose? financial security over experience or vice versa?


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  • I like to have my own space thats why I chose to stay on campus. Even after I graduated, I got an apartment.

    Although, after seeing a co-worker take the financial security route, I do wish I would have had that opportunity. He's saved at least 30 grand sp far, but my parents drive me crazy, i can't live with them.

    If you have the opportunity to live rent/bill free do it! Student loans, rent, car note, groceries, plus other bills/living expenses is ridiculous! I could save so much, if I didn't have to pay rent.


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  • I think moving our and gaining experience would help you in the long run. If you're thirty and have 50k, great, but then you get somewhere to leave and then have to get an entry level position to pay for it. Whereas if you got an education and experience you may not have the greatest home to start with but you would get there and then have a better way to pay for a better lifestyle

    • Hold on, why is everyone assuming the guy at home isn't educated or has a good career?

      They are doing the same except the dude at home is saving all his rent money.

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    • Yah both are doing the same except one stayed home to save.

    • Then I would stay at home. I moved back to my parents recently until I could save money enough to move out so I have no issue with that. Makes more sense if the outcome will be the same to have money then to pay for housing, school, and all other expenses. Although I would offer to help out my parents if they were not financially able to house me at no burden to themselves

  • No way am I living with my folks until thirty. Jesus Christ no. I practically moved out when I was fifteen, I say I could do it for another fifteen years on top of that. Plus your chances of getting a serious partner are lower if you are that age and living with your parents.

    • i m living at home renting out my place but thats because i m in school again.

      what do you think about my situation? you dont seem to wanna reproduce with guys in my shoes lol

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  • Move out. I pay 350 a month for housing and am able to pay for tuition with my income and scholarships. Currently have 2 and a half years done without a loan. It can be done. Now after the bachelors degree that might change... I would rather be poor like I am and onto bigger and better things than home working 40 hour weeks with no progression but hopes for manager in another 5-10 years...

    • i lost you at no progression if staying home.

      can't the staying home guy go to school and advance his education/career while living at home and saving? i think this is more about choosing to sve more money over luxuries of living alone

    • I suppose so, but I go to school in Idaho and am from Washington. 9 hours away and yes I love being on my own as well. Sorry I didn't mean to generalize.

  • LOL, I'm 39 and still living with my parents...

  • 50k are you serious.

    • It's saved rent for a few years. Why so surprised? Both have same jobs and same education on just trade experience for a downplay mentioned on a condo pretty much or just extra cash if he decides to rent

    • Because not even I have that amount lol. that's all

  • I lived with my folks for awhile after college and was able to save some money; actually moved out not due to relationship but job relocation. But I get along well with them and was pretty much gone every weekend; not everyone has that situation. If you are able to live with them and they don't treat you like a child, it is a good opportunity to save money. On the other hand, it is a major obstacle if trying to get a serious relationship going.

    • I agree with u on the serious relationship part. But, I don't think I m ready to settle down yet considering I m back at school to achieve a 6 figure income eventually. I m betting saving and establishing myself to get higher would be more beneficial in broadening my dating pool when I decide to. I ha to think about this before making my sacrifices and all women said money and a being a bit older is better than younger and less financial potential.