What do girls think about Gearheads?

I enjoy working on my vehicle a lot and I am always updating it and putting new things into. Plus, I try and keep it nice and clean. But I have no been able to find many girls that can understand why I put so much work into my vehicle or why I love changing oil and such. I think a girl would like a guy that knows how to change their car's oil and know his way around vehicles. Will all the auto work I can official say I'm good with my hands.


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  • if your car is one of those that makes a ridiculous amount of noise and has custom spoilers and tinted windows and stuff, I consider it extremely un-hot. if you like cars, that's cool, so do i. but I don't appreciate pimped out or glorified economy cars.

    • I don't do "tuners". Its a truck, that I own. I just did some headlight and tail light work to it, but other than that its all stock.

    • Ew, are you headlights some color other than white?

      trucks are worse, why drive a truck for leisure? it's terrible waste of fuel. but each to their own.


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  • Good for you, you have a hobby and a passion and you can do good with it. I would be very excited if my Boyfriend was good with cars, that means he could fix mine and I could save money by not having to go to the dealership each time.

    :) I don't see the problem - A girl should be able to respect her significant other's hobbies, just like men tolerate our shopping sprees, shoe fetishes, handbag addictions!


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  • Girls like passion. It doesn't matter what you're passionate about, don't be scared to talk about it passionately. And without actually saying it, you will be explaining to her how passionate a lover you will be too.