Young women 18-24, are bald guys the same age less attractive? I'm talking completely bald shaven?

I'm a newly minted 20 year old who has a scalp condition where I lost a lot of hair and so I have to shave. Honestly I don't care about it, to me it's just hair but I am extremely concerned this is a bit of a death sentence for dating for a long time. So young women, could you date a completely shaved bald guy, or find him attractive? Or will this make it so most young girls won't want to be anything more than friends or straight up tell me to get lost? Be honest and picture what you'd do if a bald guy approached you. (Be brutally honest, my family is military I can take it)

  • Yes a young guy with a chromdome can be attractive I could date one
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  • No, I prefer hair couldn't get past it.
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  • Absolutely not, this young it'll make getting a date a lot harder.
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The poll may confuse people because it's in relation to the details section, which more asks if you could be attracted to one, so by hitting yes on the poll you are saying it's fine and can be attractive with no hair. Not 'yes they are less attractive' as would make sense with the question, (my bad)


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  • look man ill admit i love longer hair, but bald also looks insanely good IF the dude pulls it off well. it's all about the face too.

    LOL at (Be brutally honest, my family is military I can take it) :P


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've got no problem with it, some guys actually look better with their heads shaved.

  • It's cool sometimes, depends on your overall look. You should think about growing a beard too once you shave. That's hot with a bald head I don't know why lol

  • I simple yes is my answer

    • Haha nothing wrong with a simple honest answer

    • Sorry, I just really like running my hands through guys hair.

    • It's your preference, I can honestly say I'd never be attracted to an overweight girl (although they could change that treatment for hairloss is useless) so I understand having preferences.

What Guys Said 2

  • I've seen a lot of women date guys with shaved heads I live in a military town, lots of soldiers and I've seen lots of em with girlfriends and wives my father, cousin included.

  • As someone that has almost always had a shaved since I was about 8 years old... Most girls that love long hair and have told me (when I had long hair) not to shave my head when I told them I was going too. And their reason for telling me not to shave my head is because they don't find anyone with a shaved/bald looking head to be attractive.. And then I go ahead and shave my head and they, to their surprise, find me just as, if not more, attractive with a shaved head compared to long hair. So, as long as you can pull off the short hair, then girls will find you attractive. Just like some guys can't pull off long hair, some can't pull off short hair. Others can pull it off amazingly well.

    • I'm a mixed bag shaved, head shape is good, face works well with it, but the same dermatologist who told me I had the condition that makes me lose it also told me when I shave don't tan because my skin is a type that might as well be two steps anove a ginger. So unfourtubately I'm a paler guy and have a very hard time getting even a slight tan. And I'm a smaller guy about 5'10 Or 5'11, and while I'm slender I wouldn't say skinny, I'm very toned since I hit the gym but I can't get much mass for the life of me. So while it's not ideal I look decent I'd say. And when you say shaved you mean bic'd it down to skin right? I'm just asking because some guys consider no guard of an electric bald and that is not the case haha

    • Please don't judge my intelligence on spelling by the way, I'm using mobile and I'm shaking because it's cold where I'm sitting haha