How to help a woman with manlier features to look more feminine?

With makeup and such...


She wears A LOT of makeup, so how can I help her look better with less makeup?


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  • Hair is going to be pretty key, and of course her body. But if its her jawline for instance, if she has layering that's sort of coming in and the sides it would cover some of that up... a pic would help, though i can understand why you wouldn't slap one up ;)

    • No. Her body is lean and she's really tall. She is pretty devoid of a butt and boobs though. She has long hair, but her facial features are sort of masculine. I've never seen her without makeup. O. o

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  • Screw makeup, all she needs is a more "feminine" hairstyle, and more "feminine" choices in terms of clothing style and color usage.

    Makeup doesn't actually influence whether you look more feminine or not, it just defines whether or not you look like a p*rn star.

    • I would agree with you... if I didn't know whom I was talking about.
      The problem is, she already dresses feminine-like and has long wavy hair...

      Her problem is her facial features - the biggest problem that is (the most masculine)... O. o

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    • Dear lord, the first picture's left looks so much less creepy than the right.

      The second picture honestly just needs a better hairstyle.

      Some people would bang Kristen Stewart, and she's not the most feminine girl either. Have you seen her jawline? Heh. She has a more "masculine" looking jawline than I do, yet she has all the fans, despite being a shitty actor. Many claim that Emma Watson isn't *that* feminine either for similar reasons.

    • She just needs to get a proper hairstyle!

  • I think, first of all, to try out all "girly" items and rule out those that don not look good on her.
    With all I mean:
    - Long hair, pony tail or hair braid (s)
    - Nice dress or skirt.
    - Nice top and showing belly.
    - Heels
    - Stockings
    - Make-up
    Some experiments should help determine what looks good on her!

  • maybe dress more feminine then? like wearing dresses and heels instead of sweaters and jeans?

  • Buy her a neck tie.

  • Ease off on the makeup, focus more on the outfit and hairstyle.


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  • As bad as this may sound maybe look for some crossdressing tutorials? Those guys do AMAZING things with their makeup. They look so gorgeous and I get so jealous! Contouring and changes in application may become her best friends :)

  • When a woman with manlier features wears A LOT of makeup she probably make herself look like a transgenedered person. Use makeup that gives emphasis to her best features. She should also wear clothes that give the illusion of the hourglass shape. I think it's quite modern and feminine.

  • I think makeup is the best bet, check YouTube for amazing things.
    But besides that nothing much. Maybe getting a longer haircuts because that's typically considered feminine

  • Try different hair styles and also different fashion styles, you will able to find one that embrace her feminine's side more. Does she wears more make up to look feminine? Maybe when she wears less make up, she could achieve more soft look.

    • Yes, this is what I was thinking. She wears a lot of makeup because she thinks it makes her look more feminine, but it just starts looking a bit transvestite-y... O. o

    • That's probably what happened to her, make her try more natural and soft look, i think she would look more feminine

  • make her wear pink you can't get more feminine than that, and make her eyelashes very long