Girls, does wearing any form a hat add value to your look? Or cover your beauty?

Girls, would you consider wearing any sort of hat or cap to improve your look?

Or do you think it covers up your nice hairstyle or part of your face, that you'd prefer to show?

Guys, do you like it when girls wear hats?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't wear hats. Almost ever or I look like a mushroom head.

    I wear my hair like hers...

    Hats weren't made for people with afro textured hair 😂😂

    • Haha I can indeed imagine a hat combined with that hairstyle is not very practicle :-)
      Do you also have that much hair? Look at the proportion of her hair to the rest of her body... it's huge!

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    • Haha yeah! Although... isn't 1 PM the time in the Western USA now? And normally even the East is 6 h later than Belgium but I suppose you're already on summer time (daylight saving time)?
      We'll pass from winter to summer time tonight.
      Heard from a Canadian friend that in some parts of N-America the transition is mid-March. Here it's always the last week end of March.

    • First day of spring was the march 20th here! And it snowed o_o and yeah were on daylight saving time and lost 1 hour.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I like to wear a sun hat only in the summer time and I wear this hat every time I work ^_^ best hat ever.

    • Oh yes a very elegant summer look :-)

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    • My dad has a firewood selling business. We also cut down trees

    • Oh wow! So you work with heavy equipment than? Thanks for keeping us warm with firewood :-)

  • I like to wear straw hats in the summer. It's practically mandatory for me - or I'll burn.

    • Yeah I often do sports in open air and than a hat and balsam for sun protection are essential. Otherwise I'll burn like a lobster and may even get fiever that night :-(
      The lady and the hat go nicely together!

  • Ummm I'll wear a beanie, I'll stick to that.

    • I let my photgraphic imagination work and see a gorgeous look Nichole :-)

  • I dont like to have things on my head so I dont like hat

  • I wear beanies when I feel like it, other then that I don't wear hats.

  • It depends upon the kind of hat.

  • My new hat, just bought a beautiful feather to go in it too :)!bO5h198NmTIXPuGY1T2B16W263pQsaccW4ibvEYG

    • Oh wow, not the everyday look for a girl but it has something special :-)

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    • Hahahaha, it's so long since I had last seen your pic... guilty of not having recognized you.
      So sorry. I'm gonna look again now :-)
      And thanks for telling me it's you... so good to see you again!

    • By the way your nose injury is hardly visible I think... it looks more than okay :-)
      I need to go for now, it's an hour later here in Belgium and I'm getting tired... after 2 hours of GAG'ing hahaha.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, hats can complete a look.

    *tips fedora lol