Help with modeling?

So for a while I've wanted to become a model. But not for just clothing. But for things similar to tumblr or vanity teen or something fun. Any suggestions on where i should look?


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  • look at modelmayhem basically ;-)


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  • Join a modelling agency and get some professional photos done. If you really worry about breaking it in try a low key modelling agency that isn't very well known - they will accept more people then the high end ones so are good for getting your foot in the door.

  • How would you describe you physical (height, figure, hair color, eye color etc.)?

    • I'm not a stick, but I'm in shape, and i play a lot of sports. I have blue eyes, brown/blonde hair. I'm not like brown brown, but I'm pretty tan, but I'd defiantly not the tallest person. I'm about 5'3. I do have braces but I'm getting them off in June..

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    • Personality: I like to have fun. I'd say I'm outgoing, smile a lot, always happy but I'm pretty laid back at the same time. and for my clothes, I like my jean shorts and my vans and a t shirt. But i also like yoga pants. So basically your average outfit.

    • I would use your shortness to your advantage because if you want to look tall you will never be able to compete with actually tall females.

      Form fitted clothes that show off your curves would look good.

      here are some clothes that I think would look nice.

      Don't be afraid to layer or accessorise try to go for a look that is you that makes you unique somehow (within reason) also you could get clothes tailored to fit your shape.

      Keep in mind modeling especially if you are not tall and skinny is something that is very hard to get into even if you live in the right area and know the right people. So you should have a backup plan for if it doesn't work out.

  • I am a p/t fit/web model by pure luck.
    Applied for a scout job that I was "too intimidating for" & got this instead.

  • Since when did tumblr hire models?

    • more to the extent of people pay for you to post yourself wearing their clothing or something on tumblr

    • you have to be tumblr famous first.. for people to want to hire you to wear their clothes.