Is it still a big deal for a girl to get a tattoo or are they very common?

i remember when i was younger it was fairly uncommon for a young women to have a tattoo or a body piercing than sort of all a sudden it became popular and you'd go to beach and just about every girl had her belly button pierced and a tattoo somewhere . it hasn't always been traditionally popular for young women to get tattoo's in north america its more of a recent thing . it used to be a big deal when a girl got one but in last decade became a lot more common and somewhat even excepted that a younger person is going to have a tattoo these days . so i guess that leads to my poll or your thoughs on this .

  • yeah its still a big deal for a girl to get a tattoo
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  • no its pretty common thing to do
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  • other please explain
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  • Pretty common now. I'd get one but in too chicken if the pain. Lol


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  • I have two myself and plan on getting a third :) I know lots of ladies that have them. Very common and accepted I'd say.

  • It's pretty common. I know plenty of girls with tattoos, and a few planning on getting some. I have one as well.

    • I guess , there was a girl I meet at bar who was like 20 and she already has 5 tattoo's and still wants more , most were small or in hidden places like foot. however find its more common for younger women to have like just 1 or 2 tattoos , although some get them in such hidden places its tough to know how many they really have

    • Yeah, I knew a girl who is in her 20s. I believe she said she had about 25. Mine is actually pretty good size for being my first. It's on my upper back so it's hidden. I want more eventually. Though nothing that has no meaning. Plus I draw my own. What ever floats their boat. I don't judge. I see it as the body being a blank canvas lol.

  • It's pretty common


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  • Not a big deal that girls get tattoos.
    However, for the love of Christ, girls, please stop getting such cliche tattoos. Birds, feathers, infinity signs, music notes, etc...

    • I've noticed over time location of tattoo's on girls has changed , 10 years ago the lower back area above butt was one of the more popular places for a girl to get one until it got labeled as a tramp stamp than like no girls wanted to get one there anymore. now I see a lot of tattoo's on women in hidden away places like foot, ankle , wrist , top of neck area or ribs below the bra. places that are often very hard to even see unless you looked for one.

  • it's very common.

  • Any time I see a good looking girl, and then notice they have a tattoo, it turns me off and I walk away.