What do you wear to class?

What do you wear to class? How do you do your hair and makeup? Should I go for a casual look? Wear no makeup at all or what? I am be going to a junior college and I wanna know how I should look so I don't stick out.


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  • Girls in college don't all go for the same look. I wear jeans and sneakers all the time, I know girls who are always in sweats, and some who always dress up. It's entirely up to you. Hair and makeup also depend on the individual. Go with what you're comfortable with, you'll just drive yourself crazy if you try too hard to fit in.

    • Thanks, I''ll try not to worry about it!


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  • Just ask your friends that you know are going to school to. There's really less of a dress code in college, so just wear what you want, though not naked.

    • Okay I'll try not to wear my birthday suit haha

  • dont go crazy with the makeup and just dress comfortably and ur good


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  • omg who cares. I'm a university student. there are other things that are more important...

    • Okay? Obviously you just answered for the 3 points.

    • Oh sh*t. no I didn't grow up. people care about their freaking grades no their f***ing shallow exterior except the dumbasses

    • I can't believe someone with your attitude is supposed to be a moderator. I just asked a question, where did you get from this question that I don't care about my grades? Don't be such a bitch.

  • Well you are there to study not go to a fashion show like some girls think they are doin and its different from high school where I usually just wear sweat pants and a tee to class make it very casual sometimes jeans.