How can I look 'hotter' in a strict uniform?

An event is coming up where I have to wear a strict uniform. It consists of no makeup/nail polish, dark blue skort, dark blue polo shirt and closed toe shoes. I feel like I want to look good for my boyfriend (catch his attention) because he's been talking to other can I look hotter?


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  • They never said you couldn't do your hair right? :) Put your hair in a pretty style!! Change hairstyles, curl it a bit? Curls especially soft waves are so AWESOME. Roll your skirt a few times or cut it and hem it "growth spurt". It will make the skirt look less boring and long. Dark blue polo shirt? There's nothing you could do about that but is there a regulation blazer or anything? If there isn't wear a cute jacket over, it gives a sense of originality. But I think. Your boyfriend will love you even if you are "boring" compared to other girls because I think you're a great girl with an even better personality! :)

    • Omg thank you so much :) you're a wonderful person


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  • Do something with your hair, get the blue skirt as short as they allow, get some sexy white socks and keep the buttons on the polo shirt undone.

  • make sure your dark blue skort isn't long enuff to cover your bum and wear a thong, make sure the polo reveals yr midrift and is very tight


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  • Wear clear nail polish, and natural looking makeup. Nobody will suspect a thing.

    Wear a little mascara and natural looking eyeshadow.

    And then tint your lips.

  • Can you wear tights? Maybe ones that are black and a bit shiny?