What exactly do guys look for at first sight in a girl?

I would like to know as many people's opinion on this topic as possible!Do you go for the looks or the personality or her behavior in general with others...


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  • At first sight, its the looks. We can't know how someone's personality or how intelligent they are from looking at them. I've been saying this for a while: We come for the looks, and we stay for the personality. I'm pretty sure that's how everyone works.


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  • Looks get attention for a few seconds, personality gets a long conversation, laughing and smiling and calm personality grabs the imagination.

    Looks are not that important but I know what I am looking for so nothing can help if it doesn't work in that mix.

  • I usually notice a girls looks first, I think that's a given as you do need some kind of visual click. Yet I'm also not shallow and will give any girl a chance as after awhile the personality will be the one you truly fall for. I mean hey, you can date the sexiest girl alive but if she's a completely stuck-up girl, won't go far.

  • its tough at first you just get a simple look at them so there general appearance is what you notice , if you get a chance to talk to them you start to get a feel for there personality , but at first its very tough , you sort of just go for the girls you like for whatever reasons . maybe they were cute or something .


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