Girls, how long do acrylic nails stay on for?

I have a friend of mine who is going to school to be a nail technician so naturally she asked me if I could lend my hands. Of course I said yes but I just want to know if Ill be able to get them off?


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  • Yes you will

    • Thank you! starting the process now lol


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  • they last about a week if you keep them but you can manually remove them whenever you like without much damage by pressing them down at the tip of the nail and pinging them off. Just dont lift them from underneath to pull them off as that hurts

  • Of course you'll be able to get them off anytime you want to.
    Just push down the tip of the nail from the top until the bottom part comes off and there you go, it's off. (I'm sorry if I can't explain this better)

    And if that doesn't work out place your fingers in hot water for a few minutes, then do what I said above again.
    (Not too hot though you don't want to burn yourself)

    I'm pretty sure that will get them off, hope this helps.

    • Thank you! french nails here I come lol