Do guys go for things more than looks?

I am only 16, I am certainly not the "barbie" that guys want. I am pretty, although I am a size 16 so I think I am really fat. Will guys grow out of their 'I only date hot chicks' stage?

Yeah, I am TRYING to lose weight.


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  • To answer your topic's title, yes guys do go for many more things than just looks. It seems that women think all of us are perverts and only want sex. Believe it or not a lot of guys even go for things like intelligence, personality, values, etc.

    Now, I'm going to be quite blunt with you and I'm sorry If I hurt your feelings. In high school your chances of getting a date if you are "really fat" is rather slim (no pun intended). But, you also say you are pretty, so your self esteem still seems to be intact.

    Being pretty isn't something one can fix, so fortunately for you you already have looks. Weight on the other hand is easily fixable if you are willing to put several hours a week in to exercising and watch what you eat.

    You are obviously concerned enough about not getting dates that you took the time to post on this site, so why not just put in the time and lose some weight?


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  • When you're a young guy, you only care for looks. And it will stay that way for most.

    A few guys don't care if you're the best looking of the bunch. But physical attraction will always matter, that's the first step to a successful relationship. The definition of beauty depends from person to person.

  • Being critical of someone for their weight is shallow. I've been the same size for like 10 years. My ugly duckling turned swan told me after 4 years that she "doesn't like fat guys" and broke up with me. I was crushed. She feels that some abercrombie model looking like guy is going to treat her better? I treated her like gold. I am a good looking guy, I am chubby but proportionate. Just let these guys see that you have a lot to offer. Being wholesome and real is way better than being hot and shallow. Plus all these "hot" girls aren't going to be hot their whole lives. Age a little, pop out a few kids, and see how hot you are then.


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  • If you're a size 16 you might want to lose weight to get in the healthy range. You would want to be attracted to your boyfriend too. The guys that only date hot chicks are the hot/popular guys or the delusional ones. But if you get down to an average size (you don't have to be a skinny girl) you will be attractive to more guys.