GIRLS! DIY ideas for a plain white T?

I'm going to a glow party at a club in a couple weeks and you're supposed to wear all white (you also get paint dumped on you, so that's why I'm not going out to buy a shirt lol)

I'm petite and don't want to drown in a big t shirt but also don't want it form fitting either. What are some ideas to make it look club worthy? I'm considering cutting down the sides and wearing a bandeau under it.

Any ideas are appreciated. :3


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  • cutting the sides is always cute to me anyway. you could fringe from your waist down too, or cut and tie the sides. i would pinterest it !!!

  • There are different styles you can used when wearing a plain white t-shirt. You can tie it up on the side, front or on the back. You can also use belts to fit it on your body. But aside from those tips dont forget to wear sunglass. A stylish one is in trend when attending a club party. Try to browse gotshades. com

    They have this glowing sunglasses, that fits your club party style.

    Hope it helps!


  • Well its nothin wrong with dat unless u wanna look like a slut