What do you consider beautiful? Inside and out?

Just wondering, from looks, to how they act, to...anything else you can think of.


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  • I sort of answered this in a "what are you attracted to" question so please excuse my own copy/pasta. xD

    (( Physically: I'd like a petite girl probably around 5' 3" - 5' 6". She has to have some meat on her, not like obese or really big but not skinny. Sort of like full figured with C cup breasts and a nice round heart shape butt. I love redheads, like that autumn color with either a straight chin length cut or a long a sort of curly look. It would definitely be a plus if she was half Asian or even a quarter. Skin isn't really a big issue with me but freckles and dimples can be a turn on. A cute face with kind of a pouty bottom lip, you know the look. I love ears for some reason. Small ears with any kind of decoration like cartilage piercings is a plus. Shaving.. if she shaves her legs and keeps it trim down there that's enough for me, I like the look of pubes myself.

    Personality: Kind of bubbly like she likes to play around and be a little silly but not crazy/loud. She has to be smart and somewhat down to earth because I'm not. She wouldn't pressure me into doing things like always going out into the scene or whatever, if she just has me with her we can be happy. She knows what she wants and isn't compelled to play games for it, she would just ask and be honest. She smiles when she's happy, cries when she's sad, yells when she's angry and sighs when she's tired. Hopefully she has a sex drive and isn't afraid to direct, ask or take charge in the bedroom. Being into art and sight seeing is definitely a plus, I've always wanted to go travel other countries with my significant other looking at old castles and museums. ))

    ...But as far as BEAUTY goes... it might not be so much "what she is" as "who she is" that is beautiful to me. Kind of a confusing thing I guess. Everyone is beautiful in their own way as everyone is different yet as humans we tend to function as intended. Sort of a "from chaos comes order" kind of thing.

    Sorry for the winded answer.


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  • Confidence is the backbone of beauty. There are definitely physical aspects to beauty (although the important aspects will vary from person to person), but the foundation has to be in her intelligence, spontaneity, confidence, athleticism, or something about her that show individuality in a way that's not naturally gifted to her the way that physical beauty may be.

  • Beauty to me is many things...

    Outside- Basically just clean-cut and carry yourself well. Soft spoken, not loud, obnoxious or attention-seeking.

    Inside- Ambitious, passionate, caring, thoughtful.. will love me more each day, will accept all the love I have to offer, will be willing to grow together and be something amazing. Honest, loyal and not flighty or shallow.


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  • A smile is beautiful, being selfless and loving someone.