Girls, have you ever worn boxers, and if so, are they comfortable?

so i wear boyshort and i like loose fitting, not small, underwear. like thongs are out of the picture because they are gross and just yeah. my friend let me try on a pair of her boxers and i really liked them for the 5 minutes i had them on. also i want to wear them only around the house and at night. would this be okay? also how/where would i buy them?


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  • I don't personally like the way they feel. But with that said that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them. If you like the way they feel then go for it. You can buy them anywhere. Kmart, Target, Costco. If the ones your friend had fit well you should ask her what size they are, because I don't know what the sizing goes by?

  • I have two pairs of boxers. One pair I bought at a mall department store when I was much younger. I mostly sleep in them, but I have worn them a few times under jeans when it was laundry day ;)

    I also bought a pair on Amazon a few months ago to sleep in and they are very light and comfy for summertime. I usually just sleep in a tshirt and panties (if that) but yes, boxers are very comfy to sleep in and you can find them easily. You can even buy some generic-looking men's boxers if you want. They're cute and they fit the same.