Are stretchmarks on inner thighs gross?

So I have stretchmarks in my inner thigh from working out. My leg muscles are pretty muscular, and I have stretch marks and they're quite visible. Is this gross to you? (guys/&girls) I'm 5'5 and only weigh 128.


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    I asked this same question once, except I have them on my butt =[[

    but I am 5'5 and 120 pounds! we are like the same.

    view my answers, I like the one that says "if a guy likes/loves you, he is seeing much more than your stretch marks"..or something like that ^^

    anyway, I am sure you are beautiful! and if it really bothers you, you can run coco butter on them everyday and they will fade! :)


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  • Nah stretch marks aren't gross to me, and from what I've read among other posts on this site, not many other guys care either : )


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  • am 5'4 and 128, I've got stretchmarks on my inner thights as well although I have really strong and nice legs! also next to my navel as I lost weight recently.

    I don't think they re gross at all cause you can barely see them and it just what happens when you re getting older..its normal!

    What I think is kinda gross is Cellulite ,honestly I think its gross...although every woman has at least phaze 1, am a phaze one myself> when you press on the skin so it shows the cellulite, I still do think its gross lol

    so if you re Cellulite Free.. you have nothing to worry about! Plus am sure you re a beautifull woman and whoever said that strechmarks are gross is an idiot!

    P.S * I once heard that if you wanna get rid of your stretchmark then all you have to do is scrub olive oil on them before bed time, but that's only when re new (red) so you can heal them asap.when they re (white) that's when they have become HISTORY!

  • I have stretchmarks on my inner thighs too. They're so common, I doubt many people find them to be gross.