I'm thinking about getting a straight perm?

I'm considering getting a straight perm because longer hair looks better and suits my face shape better than short hair. But the problem is: my hair is so thick and wavy that it flips outward, and gets super out of control and coils up and looks terrible when its long! I just wish my hair would just fall straight down and i could just brush it and it would never get messed up or anything.

So what do you think? Would a straight perm be a good or bad idea? Could it be harmful in any way?

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  • I think its fine lol. But remember people want what they don't have and curls are just as pretty as straight hair and they're more rare but i'm just the same! I used to have wavy hair that was silky and shiny and I kept flat ironing it and it got frizzy and thick and coarse and super curly. I HATED it! So I got a japanese straightening treatment (look into it!) But before you do it, if they don't do it by themselves, ask them to cut a strand of your hair off to test if your hair will accept it. I had one and my hair is perfectly healthy! Flat ironing traps heat in your hair and causes a lot of damage. And your hair basically stays straight for a long long time after that. It won't go back to curly. But you have to get the right person to do it and its 500 dollars.


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  • What you're looking for is a relaxer most people confuse the two. perm is short for permanent wave. Chemicals can damage your hair you might want to consider other options for straitening your hair

    • What exactly is a "relaxer", would it have a permanent effect? Because I'm not willing to put some kind of product in my hair EVERY day.

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    • Oh ok. Do they do any damage to your hair at all?

    • It's possible to damage your hair and your scalp. Honestly I would go see a professional to get it done the first time.

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  • Me personally I don't do perms/texturizing kit or whatever they're called BUT HEY if you want to go right ahead. I chose B

    I wouldn't be putting those chemicals in my hair though, but I guess it'll work if your plan to straighten your hair etc ^_^

  • Just flat iron it.

    • I want a permanent solution. I would have to flat iron it EVERY day, which would be a huge pain in the ass

    • Relaxed hair must be flat ironed to look good. Most people in general with fine hair texture have to flat iron/blow dry/wet to get their hair to look a certain way.