Does smell attract you?

Recently I heard a myth that certain smells attract certain types of guys, like a sweet smell attracts a sweet guy or a sexy smell gets you noticed by the quiet guy in the corner.

Is this true? *I'm not all into myths I'm just a bored person*

Also tell me what smell you like! *girls and guys!

Like do you like a girl with an earthy smell or a guy that smells foresty? (just an example) I'd love to hear your opinions!


Most Helpful Girl

  • OK, I know I already answered, but I have the answer to your question! This is from my social sciences course... so it's true... :)

    "Smell and pheromones have just as much of an impact too. Professor Claus Wedekind of the University of Bern in Switzerland found that women are consistently drawn to the smell of men whose immune systems are different from their own. The more different the immune system, the wider the range of immunities their offspring would have. This is known as disassortative sexual selection. The perfume industry is keenly aware of this; they routinely use pheromones to perfect their aromatic concoctions. It's like a match made in a perfume bottle."

    Tada! :) I'm sooo happy I found the answer... lol


What Guys Said 2

  • I like floral and clean smells (new car and detergent.)

  • I don-t know about the whole sweet smell attracting a sweet guy, sexy smell/quiet guy and so on, but I do believe that what ever type of perfume or cologne you wear can kind of describe what type of person you may be or how your trying to "fit in". (From the conversations I-ve had with people) Like if you were to wear bubblegum perfume, it might bring you off as being immature and just out looking to get attention just to play with peoples minds. Like me, I-m 29 and I wear cologne that has been around for a while like 'Preferred Stock' and I-ve always been described as laid-back and being more mature for my age and straight-forward. Just my opinion though.. And it may sound weird but if a girl is wearing some type of essence I like something with like a musky, foresty, wood, hippie smell... Don-t know how to describe it, but that-s what I like... And I-m a faithful, affectionate kind of person. Hope that helps... -Drack V V


What Girls Said 5

  • I know it's cliche, but I love the smell of Axe... mmm lol

    and I smell fruity/citrus-y...kind of a sweet/tangy smell lol, and I've been told I have a very sweet personality... =S

  • I loveeeeeee drakkar in guys it drives me crazy and its so ironic because I hate men cologne it gives me allergies and makes me sneeze but this cologne somehow I just love with a passion lol.

  • I Love The Musky Smell Of Hollister Socal Cologne For Men. That's Like The Main Smell That Will Catch My Attention.

    For My Perfume, I Use Can Can-Paris Hilton, Heiress-Paris Hilton, Super Model-Victoria's Secret,

    I love stuff that's fruity-ish haha

  • My favorite smell in the world is Hollister. So if a guy is wearing it I definitely notice. Bt I jsut love the overall smell of guy, and the musky smells do it for me. haha