Herbal essences bleach blonde...?

I just bought herbal essences bleach blonde XL0 hair lightener and I want to try it tonight. my hair is dirty blonde and I want it a light blonde but I'm really worried about it turning my hair green or orange. I've heard it works good but has anyone tried it before? How long should I leave it in for so it doesn't turn my hair a different color? thanks


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  • Note to everyone: Herbal Essences also makes hair dyes. =] It will only turn weird colors if you mix the bleach in a metal bowl or use a metal spoon. But since it's Herbal Essences, I'm assuming the kit comes with a bottle to shake it up in. You should be fine there. You'd be better off buying some 40 volume developer and Quick White or Quick Blue bleach powder though, because it's designed to eliminate as much orange as possible.

    You might not get your hair BLONDE-blonde in one go, and it's best not to leave bleach in your hair for too long. Is your hair natural right now? Chemically treated hair usually takes longer and needs more work than virgin hair does.

    To avoid the orangeness, apply the bleach to the TIPS of your hair first, then your roots, because fresh roots always bleach out way faster than 'older' hair. Also, if you have a Sally Beauty Supply near you, go there and ask about toner, and they'll tell you which toner and developer to buy. The toner should be purple or blue toned to counteract any orange or yellow. You can also mix a tiny amount of leftover toner into any styling products you use, to keep up the color how you want it.

    But as always, bleach jobs are always better left to the professionals, and you WILL be damaging your hair. Any questions, let me know.


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  • green or orange hair could be an idea for Halloween :D


    wondering why you buy herbal essences (supposed to be soft on skin and hair) with bleach, (rather harsh)

  • I know nothing about hair, but at least you'll have an enjoyable shower experience with that shampoo... YESSSSSS YESSSSSS (just like the commercial)


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  • why don't you just use hair dye? shampoos that change your hair color are going to be extremely subtle and take many uses to see any effect.