What's more appealing?

Out of these 5 pictures, what do you prefer?

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Elplain why you like the picture, and why you didn't like the other/others.

thankyou :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Favorite: 3

    What I like: I like her curves and thighs. She is big but not fat. Her breasts aren't too big. Blackish/dark brown hair is my 2nd favorite hair color.

    What I don't like: A little too much makeup. She seems tall.

    1. She has a nice face but she is way too thin for my taste. Blond is my least favorite hair color.

    2. She has a nice figure but I don't particularly like the dress. Nice hair. Breasts 'appear' overabundant but its probably the bra. Would be my 2nd choice.

    4. Just no. Where do I begin? Her body is a xylophone. I normally think pixy cuts are cute but I don't know what's going on there. Looks like to much makeup. She might be addicted to meth?

    5. Her body looks good, just needs a little tone. She may be older(35+?) Meh blond. Nice face a little much on the makeup. Nice breasts. I'm sure she has an awesome butt.

    Hope I was shallow enough for you. :P Excuse me while I go shower.


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What Guys Said 8

  • #1 seemed the most average/healthy looking. Although you could probably debate #2 is average but she's in a dress so it's harder to tell. I feel like this poll is heavily biased.

  • I like #1 by far, then #2 (she has a nice body but the face is just OK) ...#3 and #5 could be decent if they lost 50 pounds, but #4 has no hope

  • I like the first one because her body is amazing. The second one isn't anything special, the third one is just anorexic looking, and the last two are fat and not appealing to me.

  • Well I like 1, 2 the best because they kind of have some sexual Appel and all of the others have no appel whatsoever.

  • I like 1 and 5. They're both pretty. I don't mind fuller figure if they have a pretty/cute face.

  • #2 cause she is more full, but #5 is good 2..im not attracted to #1 but she's pretty #4 is terrible

  • 1 - that's just the shape I like!

  • 1.Nice face, also a nice body which is a +


What Girls Said 2

  • I am a girl, and even I would choose link number 1. I mean, your only making guys base their decision on looks, so of course most of them will choose number 1. Its one of the ideals men look for, and I'm sorry but women look too. Maybe not the blond hair, ok I'm naturally blond, but I think brunettes are gorgeous and mysterious, but the body, I mean seriously? Which girl doesn't want to be thin, but not too thin and have boobs?

    Sorry to be realistic, but your ask us to judge solely on the physical aspect of a girl.

    • Naaahh, I wouldn't wana be thin like that

    • Yeah maybe you wouldn't, but I'm sure the vast majority would ;) (why do you think she was in playboy? they would never put a picture that doesn't sell, think about it ;)). That's also why I mentioned 'most of the guys', because there's always exceptions to both guys and girls.

      Well, and in my opinion, she's not that thin, she's ideal!

  • NONE OF THEM! actually, but out of them I choose the second one because she both looks natural but still has a pretty face and hair and nice body.