Girls, do you ever have issues with your bra straps falling down a lot even after tightening them?


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  • Ugh, yes.

    There was this one time where I had to wear a white button down with a tie, and my bra strap kept falling down, and I couldn't fix it! The collar and tie were in my way, and it was a long sleeve shirt, so I had to sit for hours with a bra strap all the way down my shoulder. Sigh.

    I would recommend that you clip it in the back (make sure you loosen it first) so they can't fall. If there's not a clip on the strap, try using a paper clip. They can also move up and down the strap so you can adjust where the straps meet. It makes it easy to hide them when wearing certain types of shirts.

  • yeah, i do. its really annoying. it mostly happens when i wear tank tops but occasionally with a t shirt some bra straps will keep falling down no matter what.