When should I wash my hair?

Okay so my hair is perfectly fine on the day I wash my hair. But the next day it becomes frizzy, the third day it becomes frizzier (is that a word), and I don't wash it again because I'm afraid it'll just keep getting frizzy. I've tried using hair gels and oils and stuff but they just make my hair greasy. And as I leave it for a couple of days without washing, it gets greasy. SO WHAT DO I DOOO? How do I maintain my hair?
by the way, I use both shampoo and conditioner, because without either one it becomes frizzy, and without both it becomes greasy.


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  • Sooo... I just read an article about a NO Poo movement. I have not done it but some say it helps with frizz. I posted a question about it if you would like to look at some of the other ladies comments.
    As for what I know. Have you tried an oil on the days you don't wash? Like Big and Sexy Healthy Hair soy oil? You put a little amount in your hands, rub them together until its warm them put it from mid shaft to the ends. I don't get frizzy hair often but this helps me. Sorry I am not more helpful
    Good luck with your frizzierer hair :-)


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  • If you use hair cream/oil/ just apply it on the tips not to top because it'll make it become greasy faster.

    If you don't want it to be frizzy don't rub your hair dry with towels, use an old shirt instead also after you blow dry your hair in hot air, do it in cold air for a few minutes, this will prevent your hair from frizzing.

    I don't use blow dryers or anything though, they damage your hair. I just shower at night and let it dry on its own.

    That's about it.. A few of my tips lol

  • Try putting a anti frizz serum in your hair at the ends whilst its still wet, if you apply too much it will look greasy

  • Once every 2 days.