Hair color needs some help *pics*

so right now my hair is faded from light browinsh red and 6 highlights that are like a reddish caramel ... its disgusting... when I first had it done it was cute which was in like august or September... now its all faded ... because I have natural reddish blonde hair I usually stay in with deep burgundy or purplish colors. and deep brown when I don't wanna be high maintenance ... can you please suggest some colors that won't wash me out and give me that pop... thanks a bunch

pic of me now or like 3 weeks ago


couple days after I got it coloured



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  • When I wanted to freshen up my hair I went to a salon and asked them for their suggestions. If it's a place that knows what they're doing, they'll know what looks best with your skin tone and natural hair color.

    • So how do I find this salon and how do I find one that isn't more than $40 bucks for a color and style ...cause the last time I went to a beauty school.. I'm not sure but I was thinking about going back there to one of the seniors since they have the teachers around... and How do I know that they know what there talking about with my colour

    • It's one of those things you have to have some trust with. It helps if you can find a salon you like and go there repeatedly. Beauty schools are good too though, especially since they have teachers that can fix any mistake.

  • I think it looks harsh when it is such a dark red/burgundy. I have the same natural coloring as you and I would not go so dark. Also, I would consider using a semi-permanent color because it looks too "dyed" (flat, uniform color) right now. If you used a semi-permanent, you would get more difference/texture and also less of a regrowth line.

    Your natural color looks like it suits you. If you do feel like it is a little drab or just like the texture that having a color adds (I do; I feel like color makes my hair shinier and easy to manage), I would go for a color that is very close to your natural color, either brownish or reddish.