Which do you prefer: Made-up sexy eyes, or made-up kissable lips?

If you were to choose between the two, of how women do their makeup, the general rule for us girls is emphasize one or the other: the eyes, or the lips.

So which do you prefer most on women? For her to play up the sexiness of her eyes or lips?

  • Eyes! Smoky-look, sexy, come-hither, dramatic eyes.
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  • Lips! Red, luscious, glossy, pouty, kissable.
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  • For me, done-up eyes are more eye-catching than lips, and it's usually not even close.

    It also seems easier to go way overboard on the lips, at which point it actually takes away from the attractiveness of the face.


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  • Eyes, eyes. I see eyes as most important.

  • If I am taken in by your eyes, then you own me!

  • Eyes, so I can focus on looking her right in the eyes instead of staring at the lips... lol

    • I had Taylor Swift in mind when I wrote this. I'm no fan, but there's a song out now, "Style" where the lyric goes "I got that red lip classic thing that you like" -- which she does indeed have, but wondered if a lot of guys go for the over-exaggerated red lip thing over made-up eyes.

      Myself, I do up my eyes, always! My lips are always in a smirk, so I just keep them natural with lip balm.

  • No make up is great. A bit on the eyes can be good. But I hate when girls put stuff on their lips, especially lipstick


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