How to get a good hair?

Yes title says it all


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  • Drink plenty of water keep yourself hydrated apply green tea on your hair try it out it will work


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  • Define "good hair".

    To me, no texture is bad If you can properly care for it.

    I can't tell you anything further because I don't even know your hair type , nor do I even know the look you are going for.

    • Thick , wavy a bit

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    • You have to use some sort of hair product. You can't really change the pattern of your hair without.
      Try different products and see how they work on u.
      although I advise use one at a time and if you don't like it wash it out. If it causes you damage look at the ingredients to avoid products with similar ones. Knowing what's best for your hair is all trial and error. What works for someone else might not work for you.

    • I like Cantu -Shea Butter leave in conditioner though

  • Give yourself hair treatments at least once per week.. And smother your whole hair in it, leave it in for a few hours and rinse it off your hair, it helps to keep the hair shaft closed which prevents damage from the natural environment... But yes you haven't given us enough info...

    • I have a Short hair, i want to make it more mighty and want to shape it in a more easy way without using a chemical product you know they may make losing hair in a long time

    • Maybe you could go for products that give you volume and fullness but you would have to put effort in to it by perhaps blow waving it with a dryer and a styling aid... Can you go to a hairdresser to get some good advice? They may be able to show you..

    • Lol nowadays all the barbers are hairdressers to themselves so finding it too difficult

  • use good haircare products
    have a nice diet/lifestyle

  • What's good hair?
    All well taken care if hair is good

    • AGREED and like I always say "If you treat your scalpgood, it'll treat you good" ^_^

  • Wash it condition it and don't put heat on it

  • A good hair cut? A good hair dye? A good hair toner? A good hair brush? A good hair straightener? The list is endless, what will it be?

  • Use the Loreal Elvive extra ordinary oil in the shower.

    It works.

  • Shampoo and condition, eat healthy foods, and drink water.


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