Would guy I like ask me out/like me because of them?

I have got straight across forehead bangs because I think that is what looks best on me (i have tried every other kind of bangs). I know that most guys don't prefer them and I am just wondering if the guy I like wouldn't ask me out/like me because of them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well if you have to do something to you hair for a guy to ask you out then that's not good, I know you want to get noticed but he should like you for who you are. But have you tried to bump into him give him little seductive hints that show you like him but leave him kinda confused? That's the key to seduction, don't make it too obvious tho otherwise it will show your true intentions too much, do it to where it makes him think you like him but he's not sure and it will drive him mad because he will want to figure out the truth it will make him curious. If you make it to obvious that your changing for him to notice you it will turn him off. Cool?


What Girls Said 1

  • Honey, if a guy won't date you because he doesn't like your hair style even though everything else is great, you do not want him anyway.