If I know what a girl is wearing under her skirt or dress then why is it still so hot to still think about what might be under it?

So, I was at this event the other day. Few girls had on skirts and dresses. I happen to know what they were wearing underneath (spanx) and while I'm OK with that, I still like to wonder what IS underneath it. The girls will never wear anything else under them, I know that for a fact but, it still makes me so hot, to wonder what could be under them. Why is this?


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  • Lmao ok Maybe because spanx are so constricting and thick That it's a mystery to you whether they wear them with underwear underneath or not because if they were just wearing regular undies the mystery would be gone u already know what underneath those.. I don't know that's the best I got sorry


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  • Guys are visual. We need to see, not just think. Even if we know and can imagine what is under her skirt/dress we still wanna actually see it because we are visual creatures. It's just the way we are.