If a straight guy is good-looking, does he also need to dress fashionably to get girls' attention?

Assuming a straight guy is naturally handsome regarding his face and build, does he necessarily need to follow fashion trends to look like an actual male model?

I've read a lot about mens' fashion online and about male fashion turn ons and turn-offs that will chase the ladies rather away.

What's better? - Dressing regularly and keeping it clean and simple
- Dressing fashionably and listen to advice from magazines like MensHealth or AskMen?

Wouldn't dressing overly well come off as metrosexual in such a case?


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  • Well this one is tricky.. a fashionable guy will definitely catch my eye but it will also make me think twice of his approachability so if you can pull it off without looking cocky definitely dress fashionable... but not all the time just when appropriate.

    • Regardless of my age, dovI look approachable to you?

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    • I'm from Germany and that "approaching - thing " doesn't seem to be common here. I never see any guy doing this in public. I think dating in Germany is a whole lot different than in the US

    • One time when I was sitting on a bench in a park, a girl walked up to me and said "I like your shoes " - they were Italian moccasins , I think you don't get to see those a lot outside of Europe ...

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  • I don't think so. I usually find men are handsome in jeans and a t-shirt.
    Clean and Simple for me, that's how I sort of dress.
    Fashionable men probably like fashionable women anyway, some are high maintenance when it comes to their looks too and I don't like that.

  • just be clean and simple. i dont feel attraction to metrosexual, its too girrly and feminine..

  • All girls will take a second look at a nice, clean and tidy, smartly dressed guy.. And don't forget to comb your hair, make sure you smell good and have a nice pleasant smile on your face.

  • It definitely will make you more attractive but probably less approachable

    • then, what's the use of dressing overly well / too fashionably? I think a nice face can get you much more ahead in the game.

  • no dress however you want. as long as its decent