Is this a bad thing or a good thing?

This girl I work with told me I look older than I actually am, seeing as how I mentioned my 19th birthday is around the corner and she responded with "your only turning 19" and I was a bit confused because I don't think I look much older than a guy turning 19 and yeah she was a cute girl who seems nice but also a bit air headed at times, but I really wanna know whether or not its a compliment or a remark to less than attractive appearance, and I asked someone else and they just said I look more mature, but I'm just bout the laziest person you'll find any insight would be most appreciated.


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  • if you're only around 19 then it's gotta be a good thing because you can't look old at that age anyway. it would mean that you look 20, which is like, an age where everyone looks good. kinda hard to explain I guess. if she's an air-head, then it's a compliment.


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  • Generally, at your age it's a compliment to tell a guy that he looks older than he is. Appearance has to do not only with physical features, but also with the way you present yourself and carry yourself. If you were a slob and acted really immature, she would probably think you were younger, regardless of your physical features. So it's a compliment that not only do you look older, but probably indicates that she thinks you act older too.

    • You don't think she might like me?

    • Sorry I wasn't specific. When I say "it's a compliment that not only do you look older, but probably thinks that you act older too", I was implying that she seems like she could be really into you. When a girl goes out of her way to mention something that impresses her about you, it's a great sign that she's probably interested.