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Do guys find belly button piercings hot?

Do guys find belly button piercings hot? Just wondering. Got mine done today. It looks good and I like it. Just wondering if guys feel the same.

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  • well, I just got mine done today.and personally. I LOVE IT! <3 its so cute =] and I know my boyfriend thinks the same damn thing.

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  • It all depends on how attractive your stomach is. If you have a nice flat, tan stomach then it's going to look really good. If you have an unattractive stomach then it's going to look really out of place. If you have an average stomach, it probably won't change much of anything at all.

    • I do. tan and flat :] just got back from mexico, and am on a swim team (lots of ab exercises!) thank goodness.

  • Not hot. Glad you like it though. That is all that matters on this sort of thing.

  • I don't think it can make a 9 into a 10 but it sure can make a 7 into a 5. Doesn't do much for me, but you should be doing stuff like that for you not for other people.

  • Hell yeah their hot!! I'm like a fish I like the shiny things it makes me want to lick them.. lol

  • They're alright for when you're young, but they're not professional or lady like in my opinion.

  • I like bellybutton piercings but only on skinny girls with a nice flat stomach

  • Any "bling" is meant to ADD to the person. People wear earrings because they want more attention to their face. . .

    You're adding bling to your belly. . . So they will look at your belly. If you were to put a tattoo on your legs. . They would look at your legs. . .

    It's not the addition to your skin they find attractive. It would be your body.

    Do you really want boys to just be attracted to your body? While attraction is needed, they should be attracted to you for who you are as well as if you're pretty. If you're getting a piercing just to attract guys. . . You might. . . But what kind of guy are you looking for? You'll just attract the trash that way. They don't care who you are. . . Just your body.

    I don't find a belly button piercing hot. . . I find women with amazing personalities and a strong sense of who they are and what they're doing to be hot.

    • ...i was just wondering about the physical appearance aspect. I wasn't saying that's all I want a guy to think of me. didn't need to be preached at.

  • Depends on the type of guy you are trying to attract. I'm rather clean cut and like a neat appearance. I'm not attracted to piercings or tattoos.

  • yeah I think it looks really wicked - Thinking about getting my nipples pierced but still building up the courage!

  • I am 27 years old and male, I think most guys have some kind of attraction to it. With so many women and girls out there getting them done, there has got to be a reason for it. Esp if she/you show it off a little bit now and again. There's nothing hotter then a good looking girl with a belly button piercing. Have you posted any pictures of it?

  • I'm not typically attracted to tattoos and piercings. But if the girl has a nice stomach, then a belly button ring is cool!

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  • I feel like it is very much a high school trend. It seems like half the girls at school did it then, and then got over it a few years later when they became a little more mature and more sexually confident. Hardly anyone still wears it anymore, except those girls who want to attract certain types of guys.

    Really I think generally its an excuse to show off that part of your body and if you feel you want to do that, & need a belly button ring to do it, then have fun with it!

  • I have mine done and I love it. I didn't do it for anyone but myself, and I don't really care all too much who likes it and who doesn't, cause I'm happy with it!

    • Same here. I was just wondering about the guys thing. thanks for being honest :)

  • i have mine pierced. and I've NEVER heard a guy say its a turn off or unattractive., they say its hot/sexy/ext. and even turns some on ;]

  • well I'm not a guy but I'm getting mine done soon. and just wanted to know if it hurts as much as some people are saying.?

    • It really does hurt.

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    • It didn't hurt very much. I didn't feel anything really. a pinch, just like a shot, and then the dude was like done, and I was like, are you serious!? I think what hurt the most was the rubbing alcohol to clean it. stings like it would on any cut or open wound. the rest, not bad at all. it will be sore afterwards. I just got mine done 2 days ago, and it is kinda sore right now. hope that helps!!

    • It doesn't hurt usually but there are occasionally places that don't numb the area in which case it kills. when I had mine done it wasn't numbed so I know the expierience cried my eyes out. so it's worth asking whether they numb it :L

  • I'm not a guy, but I did just recently get my belly pierced at 20. I personally love it and my boyfriend does as well. I find it to be a motivation for me to loose some weight so that I can kind of show off my piercing. In all reality I got it for myself and as motivation. As for your question most guys either find belly piercings hot or they just don't really care.

  • I'm not a guy but I'm pretty sure belly button rings aren't "in style" anymore, they went with the late 90's early 00's.

    • Yes, you're right, I'm a disgusting fat, 5'8, 124 lbs bitch who's really jealous of people I've never met in real life. You have a lot of growing up to do Lorix3Marie, that's one of the most immature comments I've read on this site in a long time. Come back to the site when you can give mature comments and opinions when you disagree with someone else's advice. Look in the mirror, that should tell you who's being a "dumb ass" by trying to fight an e-fight, you're such a bad ass, girl...psh.

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