Girls, Would you wear this out?

Say if your going on a date or to meet a friend or a festival, would you never go out in something like this?
Personally I love this outfit apart from the top I think its perfect for meeting up with friends or something fun like that!
Girls, Would you wear this out?

  • Yes, I love it I would wear it to...
    24% (11)
  • No, not my style wouldn't wear it
    15% (7)
  • Its lovely but I wouldn't wear it
    41% (19)
  • I would only wear it for a certain occasion
    13% (6)
  • Other
    7% (3)
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  • I would love the skirt if it was midi length.. As for that wrap over top, forget it.. It's all nice and cute but definitely not my style at all.

    • Ah fair enough yeah I would never wear that top ahaha

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    • Gosh.. Thank you so very much for considering mine as the MHO.

      I must be honest in saying it was quite some time ago now, that I had completely forgotten all about this. :)

    • Haha its cool :) Your most welcome

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