Why did my hair dye wash out?

Okay so about 2 weeks ago I bleached my hair, and it was horrible, it was a really bright yellow and I hated it. so about a week later I bought a hair dye to make my hair a light natural blond. It was by loreal I think. And the color of my hair was gorgeous! I loved it so much and my hair wasn't fried at all. But during the past week most of the dye has washed out, and the bright yellow is coming back. It's not as bad but I want to know why it washed out? and if I go and try and dye it again will my hair be fried? because its not really fried right now but what can I do different if I try and dye it again? thanks


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  • It was probably only a semi-permanent hair dye if it washed out. Those usually wash out pretty quickly. They're usually healthier for your hair though since they don't contain ammonia.

    • Well it said tht it doesn't have ammonia but I'm pretty sure it said permanent on the box..

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    • Ok...well then dye it, and hope for the best I guess.

    • I justt hope it doesn't get rlly fried

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  • yeah that happends a lot to me. but the best thing to do that is recomended is when you dye ur hair avoid using hairspray for a week and when you dye it don't wash ur hair for like 3 days or so. an also when are dying ur hair leav it in for a little longer and don't shampoo just use the conditioner that comes in the box. I hope this helpd

  • Was it a temporary dye?

  • hey