Tips to lighten dark hair without completely ruining it?

Dyed my hair deep red/brown at a salon last year, and it somehow turned my color black (I'm naturally medium brown). No matter what I do, the black at the middle to the ends of my hair won't dye (I want a light-medium brown). The only way it dyes is if the hair stylist puts hi-lights using bleach in my hair first and puts hair color on top of it, but the color washes out quickly and soon I have bleach blonde streaks over dark brown/black hair.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem? I even bought a Garnier medium golden brown boxed color and it didn't do anything except to the natural roots of my hair.

I don't know if any of this matters, but my hair used to be super curly until I was 13 and started straightening my hair frequently. Now it's wavy/curly but also frizzy most days. I don't want to bleach my whole head because the bleached streaks are the wavy ones and I like my curls. Also I'm white with freckles but I burn then tan in the summer, and my eyes are hazel so I think warmer hair tones look better on me if anyone has recommendations on what to do. Thanks!


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  • Okay so first, stop using box color. It has way more ammonia in it then needed and causes mass amounts of damage. Unfortuntley the only way to get through that dark color is with bleach. You can use the stuff they sell at Sally's with a 20 volume developer and only put it on the part of the hair that you want to break up the dark color. Try to avoid the hair that is already blonde because bleach will always lighten and if that hair is already light it may break off. You can leave it on until it is a weird orange color close to yellow but still orange. This will leave some warm tones in your hair. Pick the color brown you want. After you have rinsed all the bleach from your hair you can either apply the brown as a toner or as color. As a toner you will use 10 volume developer and put it on damp hair. As color you need to dry your hair and you can use 20 volume.

    • Ahh, thank you! My mom told me to stop with the boxed color too but I was so caught up in trying to fix it that I probably made it worse lol. I figured I'd have to bleach it, so I'll probably suck it up and just do it or wait forever for my hair to grow out. Thanks so much!

    • You can do a conditioning treatment BEFORE all the bleach and after and it will help a lot. Good luck and if you need more help feel free to PM me :-)


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  • High lights or ombre, so sexy


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  • You can use a colour remover, I believe it's from Ion. It's a non-bleach formula.

  • I like henna

    • I saw a henna bar at Lush and I was debating on getting it. Does it work on dark dyed hair?

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    • Not sure about it being dyed, maybe wait when it grows natural

    • Okay thank you!