Things girls do to impress guys that are... a waste of time?

So here's the thing i am a guy and i dont speak for all guys but i know for a fact that there are things all guys like and all guys hate no matter how hard girls or guys deny it , i just want to point out few things and dont give me example of your boyfriend, Brother, Father... etc , yes exceptions exist but they could just be trying to be nice.

1- Hair : by far I haven't seen a single guy complain about a girls long hair , be it soft, curly... etc , guys like long hair it looks and feels much better , some women can't grow long hair and thats fine but if you have a naturally long hair take care of it and dont cut it too short , longer is better.

2- nails : Girls spend insane amounts of money on their nails to make them look longer and add drawings and colors and things , but in reality while it does look hot sometimes and can spice up a boring sex life , genuine everyday guys prefer short neatly kept nails , something soft, nice and short and looks good , nail polish is a huge plus.

3-eyes : so the eyes , yes we like them and they sure as hell make a girl more attractive , stop applying insane amounts of eye liner and use it less enhance the shape of your eyes and make it look good its much attractive than looking like someone punched you.

4-Make up : It should be used only to cover some imperfctions and enhance the facial features dont attempt to repaint your face or create a sculpture , just a little make up with some lipstick and a nice eye liner with some shadow is attractive as hell more doesn't mean better.


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  • I think a lot of girls are well aware that these things don't impress guys; but luckily, that's not the reason they do any of the above things.


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  • I agree with all of the above

  • Thanks for that, it's to hear a guy be honest.


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  • Just about everything in my case, you wanna impress me, be a good person