Why are dress codes considered so sexist?

I follow Zooey Deschanel on FB, and have a few staunch feminist friends who make a lot of posts like this on facebook.

Usually, there is an article about a girl who was suspended for wearing spaghetti straps and 4" long shorts. "Sexism!" the authors cry, "You never hear about men conflicting with THEIR dress code!" Soon thereafter comes a rant about how this is controlling women's bodies, and is based around the assumption of male gaze, and that it's women who have to adapt to compensate for men's perversions.

I don't know about your schools, by at mine, the male dress code was certainly more strict.

- Girls could wear spaghetti straps so long as they weren't too low-cut. Men had to have sleeves that reached the elbow.

- Girls pants had to reach a little past mid-thigh. Men's pants had to go past the knee.

- A couple showed up to santa switch, a dance where the girl asks the guy, (because you know, this needs to be a special occasion.) They also switched outfits, where the guy showed up in a dress and the girl showed up in a tux. The guy was kicked out and suspended, but the girl was allowed to stay. They both left.

The difference is not that we are singling out women, the difference is that women normally wear clothing that is so much closer to the borderline.


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  • My high school was a lot stricter with dress codes for girls. We couldn't have holes in our pants, our skirts and shorts had to come an inch past finger tip length, and we couldn't wear spaghetti straps or tank tops.
    Guys could wear basically anything they wanted and most of them wore things like this
    and saggy pants with their boxers hanging out.
    I got in trouble because I wore a pair of jeans with a hole in them smaller than a dime.

    • Damn. That never would have gone well at my school. Maybe my school is odd

      Sagging pants did not fly. No shoulders exposed for guys (except for gym), pants past the knee. Girls could have holes in their pants so long as they were halfway below the thigh. This standard applied to both men and women, it's just that it was women who were usually breaking it.


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  • Wow! That IS sexist...


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  • You do realize that dress code is based around what is traditionally considered "manly" and "girly" ¿don't you?

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  • It is what it is, bitches just cry because of everything.