Old pants that are too big?

I 'm loosing weight. Some of my old pants and shorts are like two sizes bigger than my current size. Is it ok to keep wearing them the way they are? Is it worth it to get them altered? And if I get them altered, will they fit smoothly or they 'll still be baggy at places?


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  • If you bring them to a tailor who knows what they're doing they won't be baggy at all.


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  • Might be good to get some pants that look decent like leggings for a bit until you are done losing. They have an elastic waist so they won't look as strange as fitted pants that are going to look saggy and odd shaped.

    • I do wear leggings but it get's boring to wear only them.

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    • Where I live, thrift stores are too few and don't have that many stuff. There are some cheap shops that sell jeans for 15-25 euros though. So I guess that's what I 'll do.

    • Thanks for MHO :-)


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  • I keep all my old clothes that are too big cause i wear
    them around the house when I'm not going out any where

  • u can bring em 2 a tailor in order 2 shrink em i guess :-)


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  • Maybe take those old pants to the salvation army or some other kind of thrift store? That way your not just throwing them away. Also if you have a plato's closet store were you live or some where close to where you are. You can take it there and get some cash back for them if they are still in good shape.

  • don't bother getting them altered. you'd be better off getting new ones. shopping is more fun ;)

    • the thing is, I hope I'll loose more weight. What if I go shopping now, and after some months I need new clothes again?

    • of course. just hold off on both for now. if you're comfortable, stick with your baggy jeans and lose the weight that you're trying to lose. when you're satisfied go shop! :)

  • Belts are fashionable.