What is locking eyes?

what is locked eyes I just want to know . sorry for my english. thanks. oh and another thing, if someone is locking eyes with you will you know that you guys are doing this? please any info is great


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  • 'locking eyes' means that you and another person are all but staring straight into each others eyes for at least a couple of seconds. Yes, you will know it while it's happening. How intense the moment will be varies with factors, I think, like emotion, confidence, intent and perhaps other things.

    • What do you mean when you say other factors amd other things? sorry for asking is just that I know a bit of english and I want to know it all . and thanks

    • Ever heard of the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul."? When eyes lock between people one or the other can realize intent such as anger, joy, sorrow, love, hate....

    • Yeah and thanks alot.

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  • When you both look into each others eyes and chemistry happens...?

    • How do you know when you have chemistry? I'm new at this so I need info. thanks alot

    • When you feel those butterflies in your stomach :)

  • It's just a creative expression for eye contact invented for narrative purposes.


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  • Locking eyes is basically prolonged eye contact usually made between people who find each other attarctive...bacially, the kind of eye contact which goes on for longer than most people would deem socially normal and indicates attaraction between the sexes usually...

  • It's just when you and another person look at each other and hold eye contact, usually when you have an instant attraction

  • locking eyes means that two people decided to make eyecontact simultaneously. (at the same time)

    like a starting contest but ti's supposed to be romantic if an attractive guy and girl suddenly lock eyes.

  • Wow I locked eyes with this guy that I work with the other day and we just looked at each other for about 8 seconds I notice he was looking at me before soooo when I turned around too look we locked eyes ...while we both were talking to other people ...lol.. dident know there was a such thing...and I'm kinda lost I'm not sure if he like me or just likes looking at me? can any body help!