Teenage girls and wearing heels?

so i know depending on who you talk the topic of teenage girls wearing high heels can be a mixed opinion.
recently i was visiting my in-laws with my wife. my sister in law is 17... it was a family event for my daughter who just turned 2. so there were aunts, grandparents etc all there. my sister in law had recently gotten some new high heel shoes and her mother (my mother in law) told her to bring the shoes out and show everyone. she brought them out and they were like 6 inch platform heels with straps going up a bit past the ankle. very similar to the ones in the link i included except they were white and they straps criss-crossed high up the ankle.
the aunts and granparents asked her to try them on and kept commenting on how adult and sexy she looked in them and all grown up (as she's wearing them to grad).
when we left my wife said to me "how are you gonna react when our daughter is a teenager and starts wearing stuff like that?". i guess there's nothing wrong with it... theyre just shoes after all, but i said she looks a little too good.
just wondering people opinions... especially since i was surprised at how the grandparents wanted to see her in them and gave positive comments are they are also very religious so figured theyd be more conservative.
be ok with your daughter wearing shoes like this at 16-17?



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  • I'm 17 and wearing something similar to prom...
    so i guess it's okay, but i wouldn't wear them on a regular basis.
    Prom's one of those things where we just try to dress more "mature" (and overdo it)... so i guess there are some exceptions for this particular situation.

    • ya she only wear stuff that like special occasions... so you're parents are cool with you wearing high and sexy shoes at your age? and know moms are usually cool cause they wore them themselves... but sometimes dads get a little iffy... daughters wearing some 5 inch platform heels lol

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    • i guess daughter turns into a woman


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  • I'd be more worried that they will ruin her feet. High heels are probably the most terrible things you can wear as footwear and as a girl who is still growing, that's not good. Heels push your feet and body into an unnatural shape and your posture is thrown off. The higher the shoe, the worse it is.

  • Ya that's fine.

  • I'd be worried she was going to break her ankle. But I'd be okay with it. As long as she didn't wear high heels constantly because they're bad for your feet.


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  • yup... she could wea wotever she wants... i'm kewl wid it :D

  • there just shoes to me. Nothing bad about them