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do people think it is better for a girl to be called hot by a guy or is it better for a girl to be called cute? like is cute really a more respectful term/ of course every girl wants to be called hot but does cute mean more significance in respect to the girl and hot is just for the moment kind of thing?


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  • What you are asking is all about interpretation from individuals. No two people are the same and so it really matters what you feel and what the guy feels.

    In my personal perspective, I look for the term that the other individual hears less. If I constantly see them being called "Cute" and I found them attractive, I would say they "look great" or they're "sexy" or even possibly the term "Hot". By our urban definitions of these terms, they all mean the same thing - and all are represented as a compliment nontheless.

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    • Dude that's really deep lol. thanks for the input

    • Thanks for the compliment =) My pleasure.


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  • 'cute' may be a little more respectful than 'hot'. The latter clearly has a sexual connotation. The former just means 'you're nice looking' which isn't the same as 'you're pretty'. When a guy is wooing a girl he likes it wouldn't be appropriate for him to say to her, 'You're hot!'. It implies 'you're beautiful and I want to f*** you.'

  • It's different for everyone, I usually would prefer a girl to be cute rather than hot. So many other things are associated with "hot" that I'd rather not put up with.


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  • I would rather be called "cute" rather than "Hott" cause if they just call you hott, then you know they only want you for one thing, but if you are cute.. that means something more. It's means your personality could be cute, attitude is cute, ect ect.. but when your "hott" your just hott.. nothing else matters but your looks..

  • cute in public, hot in private

    • LMAO I know that's right.

  • It always makes me sad if a guy just says I'm "cute". Because I know a lot of guys say "cute" when they mean a) she's barely attractive (b) they don't want to be mean and say she's ugly or (c) you're not good enough to be hot. I don't think it's more respectful, I just think it's a milder version. Like you're not pretty enough to be hot so you're just cute. I have never heard of a really beautiful girl only being called cute.

    • And I guess that means you're beautiful and this doesn't apply to you : )

      but yeah I used to think that too. I think guys should comment on this thought also.....