Should I do something about my body hair?

I ma pretty hairy guy and I have black hair, and I somewhat trim my legs and arms and stomach and chest so the hair are of moderate length. The hair are are still well apparent but justn not obboxiously long.

I also trim my pubes and hair on the top of my feet to almost nothing.

I do these once a week with a hair cutting kit.

But I also have moderate back and shoulder hair and a strip of hair tht runs down my spine. I also have bum hair. What should I do about these? They're moderate but stil well apparent.


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  • I don't think you should do much about your hair unless you are sexually active.
    Try to maintain a well groomed trimmed or shaven look (if you can).

    • "unless you are sexually active"

      That's a dangerous approach. You never know what will happen!

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    • The truth is we like it trimmed or shaven.

      At least most of us

    • If a guy has a little bit of hair it's tolerable (he doesn't have to shave or trim). if he has loads of hair , it's a turn off usually

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  • Just trim it all or wax if it really bothers you.

    • i am worried that girls won't like it.

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  • laser hair removal bro :)

  • Get waxed or just leave it

  • You could be a case of Polycystic disease of the ovary. If your periods are irregular or you have a weight problem, you could consider going to a Gynaecologist