How can I pick up a cute guy around the holidays?

I'm 18 and have never been in a serious relationship. I have been on and off with a guy who's 24 for over a year now, and it's finally over. With the holidays coming up, I can't help but realize I really want to find a special guy. I'm 5'7, thin, cute, and have no problem starting up a conversation with someone. I like guys who are older, at least 20. Any ideas on where I can find them, since I can't exactly drink yet? Also guys, would you rather strike up a conversation with a girl who is alone or with a friend?



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  • Chruch. Lots of guys with great morals and values there and who are willing to be grown up and adult and go foreward with a relationship if they think its going anywhere. Just like any guy would who has a brain and a good heart.

    Good Luck


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  • cafes are always good,but you ll usually meet someone when you stop looking, not to discourage you, be wary sometimes trying to meet someone in a hurry only leaves you meeting the wrong kind of guy