Girls, how do you like guys to dress?

Like when they are going to the mall for example, not an special occasion or anything.

So not need to be sophisticated? I thought being sophisticated drew more attention.


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  • first step is smelling good and being properly groomed...shaved hair cut etc... then you need jeans that fit not too tight and not too loose never ever wear girl jeans or skinny jeans (barf) then I personally like polo shirts they make a guys shoulders look more broad which is sooo sexy then you need a nice pair of shoes can be tennis shoes not all dirty and ragged out that is a huge turn off...clean shoes! if a hat looks good on you sport the hat but remember not all men can pull off hats! and don't wear a dirty hat either...but each female is different some may like the emo or goth look or baggy clothes and such I personally am a nice jeans and polo shirt girl...doesnt have to be polo name brand just polo style here are a couple of links




  • Most girls despise it when a guy wears pants that he's constantly pulling up. If his pants are to big girls will get annoyed very easily. Well at least most girls do. But a lot of girls find it gross if a guys pants are ooober skinny. Also if your boxers are out to high your girls most likely going to get p*ssed so for Pants wears some straights most girls like those that sit nice on your waist and don't shows off your boxers/briefs/t.w's

    As for t-shirts its the same nothign to baggy nothing to tight something that matches your pants.


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