Girls, do any of you know how I can get inexpensive, good quality makeup online that doesn't require a credit card?

I wanna start wearing makeup and it needs to be inexpensive. Long lasting would be great too. And I have a debit card but not a credit card. I found this one site, made an order, signed up and it was really good.. but then when it was payment time, it said credit card or PayPal and so it wouldn't accept my debit card. And what price is acceptable and whats not? I know 30 dollars seems a bit too much


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  • You couldn't just put your debit card info in for the credit option? It works the same way on every site I've ever bought anything from... It just doesn't say debit, that's the only difference.

    • I noticed that it worked on a different site before so I tried but it said it's not valid

    • Nevermind. It worked now. Maybe it was because I put the spaces. Thank you


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  • I'm not sure about credit cards, but I like to shop for cheap makeup at superdrug. They have brands such as make up revolution who do lipstick for only £1. Because of how cheap it is, it's great to experiment with different shades and different colours (make up revolution even do colours like blue and yellow) and if they don't look good, then I haven't wasted a ton of money on something I'll never wear. They're also pretty good quality, although they can be a little drying.

    • Oh wow! that's nice. Where's superdrug?

    • Well, I'm British so I'm not sure if superdrug is available in the US (which is where I assume you're from if you're using dollars?). But the website does have '. com' at the end and a quick google search suggests that there might be, so I guess check out the website:

    • Yeah I am. And thank you. I'll try it

  • You can put a debit card on your PayPal account and pay like that.

    • Oh nice. So I can continue with that site then. I just sign up for PayPal and put my debit card number in it?

    • I just tried and it said there's already an account with my email, I don't know the password and I can't change the phone number to reset it :/

  • Have you tried Mac? And I think you can use a debit card.