Fashion Trend Question: Can You Wear Snow Boots If It's Cold But No Snow?

It's cold, highest it gets is about 50 but it hasn't snow.There's no snow but it's been a mixture of some flurries and rain, and I want to wear my snow boots, but don't know when's the right time to wear it other than when there's snow outside. Also, they're wedge heeled knee high snow boots, not too dressy and not too casual.


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  • If they're comfy and you think they look good,go for it! There's actually a certain cuteness in looking all wrapped up in your winter clothes. Especially if it's cold anyway. It's pretty practical to wear winter boots that are warm and waterproof even if it's just raining and stuff.

    PS get me a picture lol I want some

    • Thanks :) lol a picture of my snow boots?

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    • I'm thinking of getting some of these if they're ever in stock again:

      I love boots, just all boots =D well most anyway lol

    • OMG they're soo cuteee and and veryy good price for something that cute! I wouldn't even hesitate I would buy them. Yeah I know I love boots tooo :)


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  • Well in Texas I see girls wearing those damn snow boots in 70 degree weather, so I say do whatever you want to do.

  • sure, wear them

    no-one will care about what you wear if its too cold.

    if its cold, people don't care what you wear, think practical.

  • Snow-boots were the big in thing on the 1943 Eastern Front, we're talking extreme demand and short supply, and now they're making a comeback. You need to get yours before it's too late, because once it starts snowing like crazy and Soviet tanks show up, everyone's going to want a pair.

    • Well I have a Pair I just wanted to know if it can be worn in the cold even if there's no snow

    • The fashion field manual says yes.

    • Kk Thanks :)

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  • Nah,I don't think there is a specific time when you have to wear those boots... though,I don't think I would wear them on the beach =-P You should wear them whenever you want.

  • definately. I live in my boots.