What style of clothes do girls like to see on a guy?

any suggestions at all? much appreciated


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  • t shirt and jeans

    hollister shirts are sometimes nice, I like graphic teas, mostly gothic designs and I like slightly baggy jeans on a guy. skinny jeans somewhat weird me out. I love converse shoes or the cute plaid ones they have in stores for guys. what else? his hair has to be short. and then colour coordination. everygirl has different preferences. I like the colour grey on a guy but if he can mix it up a bit, that would be great.


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  • Everybody has a different taste, but there is one rule that applies to everyone, I think, and woman kind would be grateful if you obeyed it - no t-shirt/sweater put in trousers. A BIG no-no! Under any circumstances!

    Personally I like punk style, for example. But at the same time, I also like just casual - jeans, fitting but not too tight, t-shirt, belt, nice jacket, sneakers.

    Style must fit you and your personality. If you're a serious guy who listens to classical music, you'd look ridiculous in a pair of sneakers and funny t-shirt, same for hardcore heavy metal listener in a knitted sweater. ;]

  • Clothes that fit. I don't really like the styles wear everything is too big for you, baggy pants only being held up by a belt, oversized T-shirts and sweaters. Someone that looks like they know how to dress themselves. If your clothes fit, any style is fine with me. That's what I like to see.


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